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The Why

We are living in a world that is dictated more and more by technology and the internet. Life is getting faster, there are more demands, less time and as our computers have moved from our workspaces into our homes, from our desktops into our pockets, many of us have started feeling like we can’t keep up. We are burning out.


Not long ago it was access to information that seemed our greatest asset. But now, the little distraction machines in our pockets allow us access to any information we want, anytime we want it. And that might not be a good thing.


Technology, if we let it, will fill up every gap we have. Sitting on the train. Walking down the street. Waiting for a friend. But these gaps are crucial. These gaps are when our brains make sense of our situations and come up with valuable insights. We are only learning how important these gaps are, now that we are losing them. Only now that we are filling them with endless scrolling, endless notifications, endless fun facts.


For a while now we’ve been feeling like something wasn’t right with our relationship with our digital devices. We’d been feeling sort of… ‘tech sick’. So we started to ask around and found that A LOT of people were feeling the same way. Many people seemed to recognise that something was wrong… but didn’t quite know what to do about it.


We looked, but we couldn’t find a place where the conversation about tech health was happening or somewhere to help us understand why we were feeling like this and what we could do to make it better. Considering the increasingly important role technology is playing in our lives, we thought this was a bit crazy.


So, we created UnpluggMe.


UnpluggMe exists to help people create healthy relationships with their technology. Combining lived experiences with scientific and psychological research to provide tools, skills and information needed to enable humans to  cultivate good habits and to build intentional and balanced relationships with technology.


We want to give people the tools and info they need to master their tech and reset the balance.

Melbourne March 2017 Unplugged Weekend

Get outta town with us and disconnect from the digital world for a while.

Why a retreat?

Taking a break from digital devices allows us space to reconnect with the offline world so we can come back to our daily lives feeling relaxed and energised. The perspective that leaving the digital space for a while gives us means we can return with more intention about how we engage with technology. We can begin to build healthier habits.


Who’s it for?

People who need a break. People who feel like their relationship with technology is not quite right and want to understand why. People who feel like they need some space away to be able to recharge, reset and reconnect. People who want to understand where they’re at and how they can make positive changes.


About the weekend

Friday 31st March – Sunday 2nd April
Guests are free to arrive anytime from 3pm to 730pm on the Friday and leave between 12pm – 2pm on the Sunday.


The property is just over an hour north of Melbourne near Mount Disappointment National Park. We will provide you directions after you signup!
We will be staying at an off-the-grid eco property that runs on solar power and uses rain water and compostable toilets.


How do I get there?
The site is only accessible by car but we will be facilitating carpooling to reduce environmental impact 🌳 and to ensure everyone has a ride.


Places are very limited as it will be a pretty special weekend and we want you to have the space and the time to rest and reset.


Click here for tickets and please get in touch if you have any other questions.


What you’ll get:
  • • workshops to help you understand how technology is impacting your brain and how to build better habits.
  • • tools to take back with you into your everyday life to help build on and cultivate these habits.
  • • 2 nights in off the grid accommodation, twin share.
  • • daily guided meditation.
  • • to meet and spend time with excellent like-minded humans. 🧠
  • • guided nature walks.
  • • delicious vegetarian food (all meals, and late night snacks included).
  • free time. To do nothing. Or anything.
  • • sweet deep sleep.
  • • clarity and space to relax and reset.


Need more? Click here for 5 important reasons to unplug.


Get your tickets here and come hang! 📱+🚫=😌

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